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About Us

About Us

Consullogic is a young organization providing interim management and management consultancy. We want to distinct from other interim manager providers by a close follow up of the task or project and bring more quality. This results in a three win situation: The customer , the interim manager and Consullogic.

Yes, we have also an advanced search system that allows us to quickly search the self-employed professionals by their know-how and their experience. By the way, in the same system each professional has his own login. He can update his own profile with important information such as availability, new experiences, etc. This system allows Consullogic to follow its professionals closely.

However, we don’t do body shopping. A lot of executives cannot fulfill the task with success because there is not a good match between the organization and the interim manager. Consullogic listens to its clients in the first place and assures a well defined problem description. This is the first step and a must for a successful match, a successful assignment. Consullogic follows its executives and their assignments closely to make sure that the execution of a contract stays in between the predefined targets.

CONSULLOGIC - Focusing On Your Highest Priorities
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